Tammi Ireland

Be a BAD Gal!

In Makeup, Mascara, Tested on May 19, 2010 at 12:01 pm

I cannot leave the house without mascara.  Not because I have light lashes (I don’t, mine are black), not because my lashes are flat (they have a natural curl), but rather because I just don’t feel awake without it.  So, you can imagine that searching for that product you use every day must be a hassle when brand after brand improves on what I thought was perfection!

The latest winner of my affection has a brush much larger than previous mascaras, so large in fact that I was unsure I’d be able to get a clean sweep without marking the rest of my eyes.  Not a problem at all!  The big brush application actually helps to spread all the lashes.  Which mascara am I talking about?

Benefit BAD Gal lash, of course!  The black of this mascara is very intense, and it dries in a wet-look, so lashes are shiny but not clumped together – it’s very fashion forward.  Lashes are extended to the point where a couple of coats would look just like falsies.  Instead, I opt for one quick slick as I walk out the door to pries open my eyes and make me (seem) awake for morning meetings.

RRP $38.

Bat them lashes!

T x

pic: supplied

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