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Beauty Q&A: Ashlee Crabbe, model

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Ashlee Crabbe (22), Model and Reporter for WAToday.com.au

Beauty routine (day): Hmm… well I am a bit lazy, I just cleanse and moisturise.  And make up because I cant go without it – but I’m into simple makeup like bronzer, blush (everday, without fail), concealer, eyebrow pencil (also everyday without fail) and mascara.

Beauty routine (night): Again cleansing and every other day washing my hair.  I rarely moisturise my face at night because someone once told me your skin needs a bit of a break from product altogether.  Maybe when I start getting wrinkles I’ll change my tune however!

Cult beauty product: Cetaphil cleanser because it was recommended to me by a dermatologist when I was young, its ridiculously cheap and I still think it’s the best.  I also swear by QV body wash and particularly QV cream because I always get itchy in winter, so its really gentle, soothing and moisturising for my skin!  Otherwise I do love Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour moisturiser with SPF.

Hair salon: I am a Maurice Mead girl but I don’t get my hair coloured, just trimmed usually.  I’m a bit of a hair freak actually; I religiously use Kerastase products because my hair is very dry and prone to breaking.  So I look after it more than I probably do any other part of my body!

Nail salon: Don’t do nails unfortunately – not my thing!  Though a good pedicure doesn’t go astray in summer.

Beauty salon: The only time I go to a beauty salon is for waxing and that’s through WaxWorks in Perth city.  I love the girls there – they’re so friendly so I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Best beauty tip: I get so many tips all the time from different make-up artists that I work with so it’s hard to say but I’ll list some of the top things that I always follow:

Baby oil to take off horrible stage eye-make up.  It works perfectly and is great for fake eyelashes because its easy on the eyes.

Only using bronzer to contour around the outside of the face – particularly under the chin/on neck to define your jaw line and on the temples to make it look like you have a natural sun-kissed look.

Using stiff eye-shadow brushes to line your eyes rather than pencil eyeliners, it gives a more smudged look.

Towel drying hair before putting in conditioner, it’s the biggest pain especially in winter but I do it every time.  I was told to think of my hair like a sponge; once a sponge is soken-wet it won’t absorb more water.  So for the conditioner to really penetrate, I towel dry my hair first.

Exfoliate body every morning with a mitt in the shower to get circulation pumping.

Drink lots and lots of water!

Wash your make-up brushes with shampoo and conditioner (I wish I had the patience and time to do this regularly but I just don’t) – it’s amazing how many germs sit it your make-up bag!

First beauty memory: Umm … that’s hard.  I don’t know!  Maybe experimenting with one of those massive Target make-up boxes that have a hundred different things in them with my best friend.

What else do you do to keep looking healthy? Lots of water, fresh air, sun and exercise.

Whose beauty style do you admire most? I love models like Erin Wasson and Daria Werbowy because they are tall and lanky like me and can always pull off messy hair and a natural face.  I wish I could always pull off messy hair and a natural face!

pic: supplied.

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