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Whipped Creme – not just for the bedroom!

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I have had a love-hate relationship with my curls since the day I was born. I remember going to primary school and brushing over and over my blunt fringe to make it straight instead of curly, only resulting in an oily fringe and a confused child.  On the other hand, I remember going to dance classes and being amazed at how my hair curled so easily and stayed so tight while the other girls’ mothers used rags, bendy sticks, velcro curls and the like to make their straight daughters’ hair curly, only to have it fall limp mid-routine.

As an adult I used to fight tooth and nail with countless hair straighteners before finally discovering my beloved ghd.  That is a relationship that will stand the test of time.  On the odd days I couldn’t be bothered giving my loving ghd the time of day, I marvelled at how many people commented on my curly hair.  I hated it, why did they love it?

me with my unruly curls in NYC, 2007

After seeing Sex and the City 2 a few months ago, I decided my ghd and I needed some time off – I was feeling smothered and I wanted some Curl Love.

The biggest issue my curls faced, though, was being defined.  They were there in my hair, but they were hiding behind little frizzies (grrrr).  Some lay lank, some sprung to life when pulled at the ends.  They just weren’t in unity.  Damn curls, never being able to cooperate with one another.

The products I’d used to rectify this in the past just didn’t cut the mustard.  You see, they left my curls hard and crusty, and I could hear each one crack when a gust of wind blew by.  Others made my curls look hot when they were wet but as soon as they dried, those little nasty frizzies returned.  God I hate them.

Then one day I was in a hair salon and I saw a bottle on the shelf alongside loads of other styling products, but it didn’t look like it should be there.  ‘Surely this can of Whipped Creme belongs in the cold food section at Coles?’ I thought to myself.  But no, the hairdresser assured my Sebastian Professional Whipped Creme is in fact meant for your hair… curly hair!

Thinking I’d tried pretty much everything else, I investigated further.  Then I tried it.  After washing and towel-drying my hair, I shook the can for 3 minutes until the sloshy sound was gone, then squeezed the nozzle.  It actually looks like whipped cream!  As I thought of my mum’s warm jam and cream scones, I ran the product through my hair.  It was very light and just a few scrunches saw my curls already defined.

I flipped my hair and dried it with a diffuser, then flipped back upright and wow – my hair was freakin’ curly!

Throughout that evening, I received loads of compliments and people touching my hair (no crunchy noises) but the real reward to me was that my hair had very few frizzies and was actually kind of hot.  I like it.  I like it a lot.  In fact, I like it so much it wins ‘Curl Love Week’s Kiss of Approval award!  Wheeeeee!

Did you know the Kiss of Approval isn’t the only award Whipped Creme has won?  At the recent 2010 Australian Beauty Awards it was the WINNER of the ‘Best Styling Creme’ category and came RUNNER UP for ‘Best Curl Enhancer’.  Nice!

RRP $38 for 150g.

Now to make those scones…

T x

pic: supplied

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