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Frizz? What Frizz!?

In Curls, Frizz, Hair on July 15, 2010 at 8:00 am

I have a confession to make.  When it comes to styling or even making my hair look half reasonable, it’s fair to say I’m lazy.  And with frizzy and misbehaved curls, lazy is definitely not the way to be.  But after trying out RPR’s ‘Fix My Frizz’ my style routine has been made simple and far less frizzy.

I dream of a time where I can wash my hair, give it a quick blow dry and be ready to go, but with frizzy hair it almost never turns out that way.  That’s where ‘Fix My Frizz’ comes in, an amazing smoothing serum that calms away the frizz.

At first I was a little worried, squeezing it into my palms for the first time it did feel quite greasy, but as soon as I applied it to my towel dried hair I found that no extra oiliness was left.  Not a fan of having the sticky look of a product in my hair either, I was left pleasantly surprised to find it not only unnoticeable, but adding to the shininess of my hair.

Applying it through my hair, I blow dry as usual leaving it to dry naturally.  My hair is left soft, silky and smooth and most importantly not frizzy, even at all.  It’s a miracle!

Opposite to what I imagined, it leaves your hair feeling healthier and softer than it was before, helping to repair and protect damaged hair. And with my hair suffering from a severe case of scruffiness, it not only repairs my dry and frizzy hair, but also my style. Letting my hair out in all its natural glory has never been so effortless.

Curly or straight, natural or styled, it works in marvellous ways and with only a few drops needed it’s as simple as drying my hair. At long last, my dream has come true.

KM x
pic: supplied
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