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One Rose Is All It Takes

In Face, Kiss of Approval, Natural, Neck, Organic on July 28, 2010 at 8:00 am

I am super impressed by a single long-stemmed red rose from the boy.  Melts my heart every time and makes me sure I’m onto a great thing. In fact, there is no aspect of the rose I don’t like.  I like the smell, I like the look, I like the romantic connotations, and I love the beauty affiliation.  ‘What beauty affiliation?’ you say.    Well, as regular CC readers will know, the rose hip is the best part of the rose for our skin.  It has anti-ageing properties and is like nature’s wonder ingredient.

The wonderful Bloom Organics have come out with a Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (RRP $25) that has not been tested on animals and is free from all those nasty chemicals you need to clap out syllabically to say.  It is rich in fatty acids and helps to give glowing skin once applied.

The smell is a bit strong, but is easily masked with regular perfume.  I put two drops into the palm of my hand with the little dropped lid and rub them together before smoothing them over my face, neck and décolletage.  The best thing about this rosehip oil is that you don’t feel oily having applied it.  Instead, you feel clean.  I apply it post-tone, pre-moisturiser, as you would a serum.

The consistency means it is a great base for minirl foundation application or I’ve been wearing it solo when I’m having makeup-free days.  It feels fresh, which I love!  The oil has also minimised the appearance of a small chicken pox scar I had near my eye.  Top points and enough reasoning for me to give it the CC ‘Kiss of Approval’!

So guys, do you use rosehip oil?

Are you going to start now you’ve read this post?

What’s your skin saver?

T x

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  1. Have been wanting to try a rosehip oil for a while – great recommendaton I have just ordered a bottle online from Bloom, right from my desk! Pleasures of online shopping!

  2. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

  3. [...] next morning.  I love Dermalogica Precleanse ($65.50) when removing heavy makeup.  Add a little rosehip oil, eye cream, vaseline and hand cream and you’ll look like Sleeping Beauty in the [...]

  4. [...] Rosehip oil on dry areas of your skin the evening before. It’s like a huge drink of water for dehydrated skin, adding luminousity and a dewy finish the day you need to look your best.  Essential for every beauty bag. [...]

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