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Tinted Moisturiser Test: True Solutions

In Anti-Ageing, Complexion, Everyday, Makeup, Sun, Tested, Tinted Moisturiser, UVA, UVB, Weather, Wrinkles on September 23, 2010 at 6:00 am

The second tinted moisturiser to come under scrutiny is True Solution‘s All Day Moisture Tinted.  Coming in cool orange and white packaging (I love orange.  It’s because of my love affair with everything Hermes, I believe), this baby packs a big colour punch!

This tinted moisturiser has more coverage than Jane Iredale‘s version but is also heavier and smells more like sunscreen.  That is probably because however, All Day Moisture Tinted has a higher SPF of 30.  I would wear True Solutions to the beach on a hot summer’s day when I didn’t want to go completely sans makeup.  It’s coverage is heavy but goes a long way.  If you start with a little and work it up to a lot, All Day Moisture Tinted SPF 30 could be your best friend.

Don’t forget to apply your tinted moisturiser to the whole of your neck, too!  The first place you show sun damage (aging!) is on the backs of your hands and your neck, but remember that when your hair is up, the back of your neck is exposed to the elements.

RRP $60.

pic: supplied

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  1. I use this prouct all the time. I am prone to break outs and find this product minimises them. Lov it

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