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Get Her Look: CARRIE | Sex and the City 2 – the Movie

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Growing up, I would watch Sex and the City religiously.  Often out of the eyes of my parents, I’d watch Carrie date countless men, muse on her relationships and write about them in her column.  I’d admire Miranda’s work ethic and Samantha’s no-holds-barred attitude, and I’d love Charlotte’s determination for the picture perfect romance.  I learnt a lot from those four friends, be it that clashing prints work, that I want to be a writer, that friendship is one of the strongest bonds you will find in life or that romance – any and every type – is just fabulous.

SATC the TV series.

When the first movie came out, I was beyond thrilled.  I hated it in cinemas but loved it during the re-watch.  The second movie was cheesy, a full romp.  But the fashion was wonderful and the friendship stronger than ever.

SATC the Movie.

What I most loved in SATC2 was the makeup.  The girls had each changed just a little.  Samantha was rocking a powerful red lip, Miranda had a more relaxed attitude thanks to the fact she quit her job, Charlotte was mostly the same, save for a bit more pink (influenced by her girls?) and Carrie – with the biggest noticeable change – had a more tanned, bronzed makeup.

Throughout the week we’ll be showing you how how you can use their makeup progression for inspiration.  First, the star of the show, Carrie Bradshaw…



Carrie is the girl that’s most developed from episode one of the TV series.  In the second movie, she looks tan and more grown up, and you can see the show’s makeup artists have played with bronze.  This is a great everyday look for Australian girls.  We’re tanned and beached to perfection, so all we need is a little bronze contouring and a fresh lip to polish the look for both day and night.

First things first, use a primer to avoid all your makeup coming off.  This is the most important step in the makeup process.

For a lip, a goldy-nude Rimmel Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick (RRP $9.95) in Birthday Suit that Carrie would love.  It’s a little transparent but will last through the Cosmopolitans and whatever else the day throws at her.  For a night time look, a slick of Rimmel Vinyl Gloss (RRP $12.50) in Paparazzi adds a similar-coloured shine.

The heat in Abu Dhabi (although it was filmed in Morocco) was intense, so an eye shadow that’s not going to slip is what you’ll need.  Rimmel Colour Mousse 8hr Shadow in Mocha (RRP $13.95) will do the trick.  They lasted well past the 6 hours I trialled them for and they provide a nice sheen, too.

Carrie’s never really one to go for the bright nail colour, dare it clash with her fabulous outfits.  Try a slick of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Mudslide (RRP $13.95) for the perfect taupe colour.

To finish the look, sweep bronzer over the areas where the sun would naturally hit – think top of nose, temples, collar bone, etc.  Suck in those cheeks to contour your cheekbones with bronzer, also.

Lastly, although we cant smell her, I bet Carrie’s rocking some pretty fine perfume.  Sarah Jessica Parker has released SJP NYC (RRP $55/$70 30mL/60mL), a great fresh and fruity fragrance that would be perfect for those hot Manhattan days – or those in Oz.  I love the cute packaging and portable bottle.  A great Christmas gift for your girlfriend, perhaps?
Tune into CC tomorrow for tips on how to work the Power Woman look a la Samantha Jones.

T x

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