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Salon Review: Total Brow

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I’ve long been told my eye brows were ‘to die for’.  They’re thick, black and long.  Up until I learned how to handle a tweezer, ‘they’ were also an ‘a’. Yep, I was the child with an almost uni-brow.  Pretty.  When I did finally discover the way eyebrows can frame your face, I became pedantic in shaping them to perfection.  Never going too thin, I was sure I had the look down-pat.  Then there was a revelation.

After hearing fantastic reviews, I decided I’d let the experts have a go at taming my brows.  I thought I could learn a thing or two.  Turns out, I learned 98 834 things!

Camilla Belle and the eyebrows we all covet

The 30 minute consultation at Total Brow in Inglewood, Western Australia started with a chat about what I want from my brows.  I told my amazing brow specialist, Amy, that I would like to keep them natural and thick.  She squealed with delight, as thick brows were in (and always will be, in my opinion)!  We then had a chat about what was wrong with my brows – or what I’d been doing wrong for the last 10 years – and how we would go about fixing it.

My brows were too round and thick at the start and tapered up a little too much towards the end.  This made my brow bone look ‘fat’, for want of a better word.  So, we fixed that by removing some hair at the inner corners and below to give my brows a straight start in their new life.  Then I was told to stay away from the tweezers when it came to the middle and end sections.

Amy tinted my brows a deep brown-black colour, something I was against at first (I didn’t think I needed them to be any darker!) but which made a tonne of difference.  They really stood out now!  Then she lightly penciled in the areas where we are waiting for the hairs to grow back.  Interestingly, she used a single stroke of pencil, rather than whisping it along to imitate feathered hairs.  The result was good, bold.

The best part of the experience was that my brows didn’t hurt ONE BIT when they were being waxed.  How does this happen, when I wince at the slightest hint of pain!?  The wax they used was magnificent and for that reason alone, I would return.

Of course, there are many reasons to return to Total Brow.  I received three compliments within a two-hour period of walking out of the salon – now that’s results!

T x



Location: 826B Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA

Phone: (08) 9371 6057

Initial consultation and service: $65

Follow-up from: $30

Best bits: Thorough chat before commencing.

Worst bits: MGMT on repeat. Ugh.

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  1. Woah, I didn’t know you could look like you have a ‘fat’ brow bone. Now I’m a bit worried. LOL.
    LMFAO at “Worst bits: MGMT on repeat. Ugh”

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