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Beauty Q&A: Haley Thompson, Organic Beauty eStore Founder

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Haley Thompson, 31, owner of Peachy Clean Organic Beauty Boutique

I met Haley last month at the Perth Online Beauty Meet and was instantly struck by her vivaciousness, natural thinking and knowledge about the organic beauty industry.  Upon reading her age when receiving her answers to this interview back, I must say she’s the living and breathing example of what a healthy lifestyle and natural skincare routine can do for your look!  A girl who quipped she ‘preferred champagne to coffee’, I’d say we have a lot in common.  

Introducing, Miss Haley Thompson(and her store, which you must check out!)…

Daytime Beauty Routine: I love my organic beauty products! When I wake I love a morning spritz of face spray like the Savi Passionflower and Pomegranate spray or the delicious Sodashi Calming Rose spray – I keep them in the fridge in summer so that they’re extra refreshing! I’m on a ‘rose’ kick at the moment! Rose is really great for dry skin. I love my Weleda Rose Creamy Body Wash in the shower, my Weleda Rose Body Oil and I’m loving the Vanessa Megan Rose Eye cream too – I also keep it in the fridge, I pop on the eye cream and use the cool base of the metal jar as a compress to help fight morning puffiness. I mainly use the Sodashi range for face care – their clay cleanser is just the best and if you’ve never tried the Sodashi concentrates (liquid exfoliator) you’re seriously missing out! It’s just amazing!

Makeup Routine: I like to keep my make-up quite simple and so don’t spend heaps of time on it – some would call it natural, some would call it lazy (laughs). I love a tinted sunscreen for my face – it still looks very natural but protects me from premature sun-ageing, too. Jane Iredale and Ere Perez do my favourite ranges of organic make-up – I’ll be stocking them at Peachy Clean soon, too. I’ve discovered a great little trick for a base under make-up too, the AEOS Realive Serum. It’s a nourishing treatment that really does bring dry skin back to life so it’s also great to use under make-up to smooth fine lines and combat any dry patches for a dewy finish. I always get comments when I’ve popped this little gem under my make-up. Double use!


What’s great about everyday Aussie beauty? Everyday Aussie beauty is so relaxed – I love that our girls can look so effortlessly beautiful! Aussie girls have a certain sparkle about them I think – beautiful, happy and natural. I think we still need to work on sun protection a bit more – an organic fake tan like Eco Tan is the only way to go. There’s no excuse to be sunburnt or look like you’re coated in the dust from a Twisties packet for the sake of a tan anymore!

What’s the best about Perth beauty? I’m such a Perth girl! We’re so lucky – WA is just so beautiful! As we’re isolated, we have a unique sense of style I think. I mean just look at WA fashion designers like Aurelio Costarella, Ange Lang, Flannel, Ae’lkemi. Perth is a super stylish city! I love that people are starting to become more aware of the importance of using natural-in skin care, for health and in fashion, too. It’s just so vital for our health as well as our environment.


Evening Beauty Routine: After lots of face mist throughout the day to refresh and touch up with a bit of moisture, I like to take my makeup off with the AEOS Oil de Maq – it’s a great little oil cleanser that is infused with gem and crystal essences – it makes you feel like a fairy princess knowing it contains crystals! It also lists avocado oil, vitamin E, spelt, jojoba and rosewood oil as ingredients so it’s incredibly nourishing for night time use (although you can use it for daytime too).

I usually follow this with my Sodashi Calming Rose Spray (a spritz of face mist before your moisturiser helps prepare your skin so that you can absorb more of the goodness) and my Sodashi Face and Neck Moisturiser. Your ‘face’ stops at your décolletage so always moisturise your neck and chest too! In winter I add a touch of Vanessa Megan’s Natures Elixir face oil to my Sodashi Face and Neck moisturiser – it just gives an added boost when my skin gets a little drier.

At night I like to lather on my Sodashi Vanilla Body Butter too – I used to get little bumps on my arms but this butter is so nourishing that my skin is now smooth and soft! I love it, it’s such an intense body moisturiser.

Where in the world have you seen women with the best beauty/makeup? Right here in Australia! Aussie girls are relaxed and happy on the whole and I think this shines through in the general look and style we have. There are some incredible make-up artists in Australia – in WA Bobby Bujisic is king in my eyes! He totally gets the effortless glam look and has worked on so many amazing campaigns and shoots. I’m lucky to call him a friend.


Tell us your story: When I first heard about some of the toxic chemicals in skin care, I couldn’t believe it! I was so shocked that people were unknowingly lathering on these cancerous, irritating, infertility causing ingredients into their skin (the list of illnesses and effects go on). So I started trying to use natural myself but I soon found that just because a bottle of lotion says ‘Organic’ on the label doesn’t mean it’s any better for you. A product can contain one organic ingredient and 99 toxic ingredients and still use the word ‘Organic’ or ‘Natural’ on their label! I got so frustrated that I decided to open a boutique that lists all the ingredients plainly and clearly - if it’s on the Peachy Clean website, it’s toxic-free and safe to use, cross my heart!

I’m so strict about ingredients that I’ve researched every ingredient on the site! It should be easy to buy safe, luxurious products. You shouldn’t need a science degree and that’s why I started Peachy Clean. No matter what age or budget you have-switching to natural products is something you’ll wished you did years ago!

The name Peachy Clean is my little homage to my nanna – she was called Pinky as she only ever wore magenta clothing (head to toe – I’m not exaggerating!) So I hope I have a few shades of her in me. Plus everyone should be fresh as a peach!

Hair Salon: My favourite hair salon is my at my friend Tash’s house!  She’s such a character and does such a great job. Even better, she works from home and charges half the price-and does a better job than anywhere else I’ve been.


Nail Salon: I don’t get my nails done at salons, there’s too many toxic ingredients in the products most of the salons use. In regular nail polish you’ll find Formaldehyde (a known carcinogen and used to preserve dead things!), Toluene and DBP (both a severe skin reproductive and developmental irritants that can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue). I’d rather do it myself so I know what’s being used.

A few licks of Butter London nail polish are all I need!  I’m currently wearing ‘The Full Monty’ Butter nail polish – it’s like liquid gold, beautiful and shimmery without glitter chunks!

Beauty Salon: I live at ‘Che Peachy Clean’ ha! I have everything I need on tap-I love it and my girlfriends love raiding the cupboards for products, too. Luxurious organic products at home are the best way to bring the salon to you and save money! I do indulge in regular massages – I always take my own organic Savi Wellbeing massage oil with me though, it smells divine!

Best beauty tip? Choose organic! Aside from being better for your health and for our environment, good organic products like the ones found on Peachy Clean are far more effective. And be happy! Do what makes you smile – it’s cheesy but inner beauty can’t be bought in a jar and always shines through! Happy, loving, kind and generous people are beautiful people without a doubt!


First beauty memory? My mum dying my hair green! I was only two and there’s a great photo of my mum holding her little ‘punk baby’ in the bathroom! I love my mum for that – she always let me experiment! From the fluro coloured locks to the ‘what the Mary was I thinking’ I always felt free to express myself – good or really really bad (laughs)! I never went crazy with makeup in my teens because it was never taboo. I grew up comfortable with myself and my looks.

What would you say to those who believe natural products are too expensive/don’t work? That the exact opposite is true! Natural products are far far more effective. Harsh and toxic preservatives and additives like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens and PEG’s etc that are found in non-organic skin care (even the really expensive, designer stuff!) can actually cause dry skin, skin irritations, fine lines and premature aging. Non-organic lip balm is an example – if you’ve ever put it on only to feel you need it more and more, it’s because the parabens in it are actually drying your skin out – the opposite of what it’s meant to do! It’s the same with other skin care. Your body should be nourished and organic products are the only effective way to treat the largest organ of your body.

I’ve tried everything on my site and many brands didn’t make the cut so I’m thrilled with the labels I have on the site. I’ve made sure I’ve covered every price range too – some products are cheaper than regular brands and they’re more effective, why wouldn’t you choose organic?

Explain a regular day eating for you: I’ve made it my New Years resolution to be healthier (although, it hasn’t started yet (laughs).) so I’m doing my best to focus on getting the right amounts of protein with protein shakes and lots of vitamins with plenty of fresh juices. My boyfriend is part fish (mer-man?) so we eat a lot of seafood which is great for Omega 3’s! You have to be happy with who you are and with life, if I want brie on toast for breakfast with an ice-cream chaser – I’ll have it! I just know that I’ll have to be on my best behaviour for a while after!


What else do you do to keep healthy? I love Chia Seeds and LSA in my cereal – it’s an easy way to add some extra nutrients and Chia Seeds are one ‘super food’ that is actually worth all the hype – plus they help to keep you fuller for longer! Vitamin B is a great energy booster too so I love my Tresos B Vitamins. I like to giggle and be silly too – freedom of spirit is the best health tonic!

How do you manage a work-life balance? It can be hard as I work from home so there’s plenty of little distractions. Luckily I’m so passionate about Peachy Clean so I really enjoy updating the website and researching new products. I’m working on prioritizing at the moment – for example right now the carpet is begging to be vacuumed but the sky won’t cave in if I leave it another day! I try to be real about what comes first – I can have a deadline due in minutes but if I get a surprise visit from my gorgeous nieces, I’ll drop it all for a few cuddles – they’re so funny that they always just instantly make me so happy and that’s more important than any deadline!

Whose beauty style do you most admire and why? I love Kate Hudson; she always looks so beautiful and natural – totally the style I love! Although my boyfriend is sitting next to me and he thinks I should say him – he’s convinced double-denim is fashionable. I actually got a fashion editor to write him a personal note once to say it’s never okay (laughs)!

Song to get you moving in the morning? Ooh! Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles can’t not put you in such a happy mood for the day!

Drink of choice? Am I allowed to say champagne? I do love to juice as often as I can and drink Cranberry juice mixed with Soda water for a healthy ‘fizzy drink’ but I would be lying if I didn’t say the pop of the cork gives me a case of the happy’s!


If you only had one more meal left in this lifetime, what would it be? Oh I’m a total foodie so this is a mean thought! One meal? It would be a large combination of Tabouleh with greek yoghurt, veggie taco’s, pumpkin pie, Samudrah chocolate ice-cream (it’s actually good for you – all organic and no sugars), home made gnocchi…man this is making me hungry!

Favourite place in the whole world? Wherever I am having the most fun! Some of my best laughs have come in the strangest of places and they’re the times I remember the most! Home is where your heart is! Fishing in Esperance or shopping in the Cote A’Zure-I love it all!

Describe your style in three words: Colourful, beachy, eclectic.

Any last words?  I do wish you all good health and true happiness! I’d love you to check out the Peachy Clean website and make the switch to natural, I want you to be healthy! xxx

Your website (one more time!): www.peachyclean.com.au

  1. Yay!! Thanks very much for having me Tammi! I’m a huge fan of Coveted Canvas so I’m so happy to be included ;) I hope there’s a few beauty tips in there that will help people switch to natural and get healthy. Oodles of love, Haley

  2. I love this website! Thanks so much-great interview and lots of tips. I agree, organic really is such better stuff!

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