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How Bloom Made Me Love Glitter

In Fun Stuff, Hands, Nails, Party time on March 28, 2012 at 6:00 am

By Tammi Ireland

I’ve never loved glitter.  I wasn’t the girl to wear it on her eyes during high school, I never wear sequined clothing, and I never, ever wore glitter top coats on my nails.  I remember trying once while at a sleepover and then begging my mum to help me remove the ‘tacky’ polish that kept getting caught on my woollen jumper at the time.  It was rough, technicoloured, and felt horrid.  And so I refused to put glitter on my nails again.

However, I’ve since fallen in love with technicoloured photos of our galaxy.  I’ve fallen for a gold glittery Ellery number.  And I adored the glitter hair at last season’s MYER preview.  So, when I was offered Bloom Cosmetics’ Glamorous Sparkle Top Coat in Gold (RRP $19.95) to trial, I thought I’d give it a go.  Thank God, I did.


This glitter top coat is so far from the ones of my Year 8 hey-day that I’ve already re-applied it three times.  A nice gold colour (read: not garish), the key to Bloom’s adult look with the sparkle top coat is in the different sizes of glitter particles.  There are regular, hexagonally-cut glitters and then there are very fine glitter pieces.  The result, when coated over Bloom Nail Polish in Lucy II was astounding.  A gorgeous result that I just kept getting compliments on (11 at last take!)   Read the rest of this entry »

‘The Beauty Night’ and why you must schedule one

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By Tammi Ireland

Ladies, you have to agree with me there is nothing better than feeling sexy, confident and beautiful – just for you.  But how do you get that way if you’ve worked three different deadlines in a row, felt sick from lunch and been told some horrible news?  You schedule it!  Just like your dentist appointment or meeting your superiors, this is important, too.  Once a week is all I ask, and I’ll explain why it’s so great right now…

Tonight was my ‘Beauty Night’.  I try to schedule one a week or – failing that – one a fortnight.  On ‘Beauty Night’ everything gets done. And I mean everything.  Here’s my ‘To Do’ list…


Obviously there’s no way I could (nor should) do all these on a daily basis, so scheduling one night a week to check everything off the list is not only a great idea, but also something to look forward to.  Because you feel AMAZING afterwards.


It’s all in the products you use – ‘Beauty Night’ is not the night to skimp on products. On ‘Beauty Night’ it’s the best of the best.  Here are my must haves, working down the ‘To Do’ list: Read the rest of this entry »

DIY: Natural Skincare

In Acne, Affordable, Bath, Fun Stuff, Hands, Health, How To, Marian Rubock on May 17, 2011 at 6:00 am

By Marian Rubock

As mentioned in earlier articles, your skin is the largest organ in the body. To put this in perspective, the skin of an average adult weighs approximately seven kilograms. It is vital to the structure of our body and it is important to make sure we nurture and nourish our skin.

Maintaining a good skin care regime is essential for healthy skin and assists in reversing the ageing process. Medical grade products or cosmeceuticals have a number of benefits in comparison to over-the-counter skin care products as they are designed to affect not only your top layer of skin but also the deeper layers. As we age it is the deeper layers that thin and therefore using skin care that treat these areas is a must for healthy skin.

Get back to nature.

When selecting anti-ageing skin care, it is vital to bear in mind that products containing all natural ingredients will reduce toxins in the body. Continual use of products that are petroleum based (i.e. sorbelene), or high in chemicals are detrimental to the condition of your skin and will leave pH levels unbalanced whilst also affecting its quality and appearance. Although these products may provide temporary improvement, they will ultimately age your skin usually through dehydration. Read the rest of this entry »

No Tan Jan (or why you should stay out of the sun next month)

In Charity, Colour, Hair, Hands, Sun, Tan, UVA, UVB, Weather, Western Australia on December 16, 2010 at 6:00 am

Those of you who follow Coveted Canvas on Facebook and on Twitter will know by now that I’ve registered myself – and a Coveted Canvas team – for No Tan Jan.  An initiative from the Warwick Foundation, No Tan Jan sees good-hearted people everywhere register to stay out of the sun and raise money for young adults (18-40 years) with cancer. The idea is that you stay out of the sun in January and find your Aussie glow somewhere else.  Faking your tan, keeping your smooth, youthful skin and raising money for those in need?  I say hell yeah!

Donating to charity makes you feel good.

I’m welcoming any Coveted Canvas readers to join our team.  If you’d like to do so, click here.  Alternatively, if you just want to sponsor me on my mission to get the glow without the leathery side-effects, click here.

Now, because I live in Australia and it’s summer, I am fully aware it’s going to be difficult to stay out of the sun.

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Affordable Soap and Glory

In Complexion, Dry Skin, Elbows, Everyday, Exfoliation, Face, Hands, Heels, Preparation, Skin Care on November 2, 2010 at 6:00 am

On October 11, Kit stores welcomed a new product line to their shelves.  Aptly named Soap & Glory, this little brand has had me the most excited I’ve been in a long time when it comes to beauty. The packaging is divine in a Mad Men kind of way, the words on said packaging are hilarious and they’re cheap to boot!

Perfectly pink with a side of wit - LOVE IT!

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‘Getting Down & Dirty with Dermalogica’

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Last Tuesday night the lovely editor of Flourish magazine online, Jane and I attended a Blogger event at Dermalogica‘s WA headquarters in Fremantle.  The first to arrive amidst an August shower, I was greeted by three lovely smiling (and completely flawless) faces, one of which was Claire Crouch’s – the company’s corporate trainer.  Claire grew up in London out of the harsh sun and thus has magnificent skin and a killer sense of humour.  I liked her immediately.  In front of the pretty faces sat a large plate of scones from which I was too scared to take on account of their delicious-looking, but will-definitely-drop-on-the-clinical-Dermalogica-floors cream fillings.  Instead, I took a glass of champers.  Damn.

Jane arrived not long after and we had a quick tour of the complex.  It’s all very white and bright and exciting because that’s exactly how you want your skin to be!  There were two training rooms, a face-mapping stall set up, a kitchen area with fridge, microwave, herbal teas, etc and bathrooms too.  The facility is there for therapists who use Dermalogica products to go and get the low down on ingredients and skin health so they can then transfer it to their customers.  Brilliant!

Tina, Jane, me and Claire in front of the Dermalogica shop (I want it all!)

After our tour, we headed into Room 2 where a powerpoint presentation and lots of Dermalogica goodies were set up for us, amidst notepads, pencils and information booklets.  We took a seat and Claire launched right into explaining the five Dermalogica steps to healthy skin, while Tina kindly demonstrated (how brave!) as we went along.  Much information was shared and it is my beauty editor duty to pass it on.  So grab a cup of green tea and settle in for a mind-blowing info sesh that will change your skin forever! Read the rest of this entry »

Product of the Day!

In Hands, Moisturiser, Weather on June 17, 2010 at 1:08 pm

Cuticles need to be looked after in order to stay looking cute, so be sure to moisturise as often as you can during these colder months.  When you’re sitting in the office all day, typing away at the keyboard without keeping your mitt’s warm it can often damage the skin around your nails but you don’t want to be transferring oily hand cream from your fingers to your keyboard either now, do you?

Enter Aveeno Active Naturals Intense Relief Hand Cream.  When you rub this baby in it feels a little chalky.  Odd at first, this quickly disappears and results in an absolutely non-oily moisturising system.  You can even wash your hands in water (no soap) and Aveeno Intense Relief will stay on. Read the rest of this entry »


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You’ll want to bookmark this post.  You see, it contains everything you need to know for that next huge, glamourous event in your life.  School formal?  Charity ball?  Wedding?  The tips, tricks, product reviews and industry insider goss you read on this here post will be all you’ll need to look fabulous.  Trust me!


There are three ways you can go with your hair for a formal occasion.  You can choose to go trendy, opt for a casual look and let your dress shine, or go all out and make it a formal up-do.  It does depend on the event as to which type of hair style you use, however we’ve gone and selected the best of the three and we’ll tell you how to do them, too.  (Lucky you!)

Trendy: It’s all about Alexander Wang’s side plait.  Imagine this, will you?  You’re in a long, slinky black gown. Your makeup and skin is golden and just dark enough to come across mysterious, yet fun.  Your shoes are sky-high and you’re feeling a million bucks.  But so is every other girl at this thing, because that outfit I just described can often be ‘cookie-cutter’ (read: everyone does it).  Set yourself apart from the pack with a fashion-forward hair do:

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Product of the Day!

In Dry Skin, Elbows, Face, Hands, Kiss of Approval, Knees, Maintenance, Moisturiser, Product of the Day, Skin Care, Tested, Weather on April 22, 2010 at 4:36 pm

Sometimes, it’s best just to stick with what you know.  I know that The Body Shop has amazing, eco-friendly products that smell great and work!  Whodathunkit?

Today’s product of the day comes to you courtesy of my dry elbows.  In high school I had this weird thing for elbow skin, always testing other peoples’ to see how mine measured up.  It never did.   Read the rest of this entry »

Keep your Nail Polish Happy

In Colour, Hands, Maintenance, Nails, Tip on April 16, 2010 at 8:10 am

Did you know, if you keep your nail polish in the fridge, it won’t get gluggy and it’s life will be prolonged?

Well, now you do!

T x

pic: supplied


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