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WELLBEING: What Your Sex Drive Has To Do With Age, Libido, Body Image and Desire

In Emotions, Health, Libido, Love, Sex, Sexy, Weight Loss, Wellbeing, Women on April 25, 2012 at 3:52 pm

By Tammi Ireland

Within our wellbeing section, we’ve talked about healthy eating, drinking right, doing relaxing exercises and being better people, but what makes you – YOU – a better person more than being sexually confident in your relationships, and thus in yourself?  Here at Coveted Canvas, we believe in sex.  Sex to show someone you love them, sex to scratch an itch, sex with yourself, and sex to empower.  Whether empowering yourself or your lover, sexual activity is important in any relationship and in any womans’ life.  So why do women’s libidos seem to disappear faster than a man’s, especially during menopause?


I was recently sent a copy of Sex Drive: In pursuit of female desire by Dr. Bella Ellwood-Clayton (RRP $27.99), who is a sexual anthropologist, by the lovely folk at Allen & Unwin.  The book questions why a woman’s desire is so much lower than man’s, why society has accepted this as the norm, and explains why it doesn’t have to be that way.  Among the reasoning are tidbits on why sex is good for a relationship and for a woman as an individual. With the topic being spoken about on Mamamia recently, frequent sex in adult relationships appears to be against the norm – but it shouldn’t be.

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