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Summer Mani’s, happen at last!

In Feet, Nails, Sun, Weather on September 29, 2012 at 2:55 pm

By Tammi Ireland

Today I can feel the first signs of summer… I woke up with my doona kicked off, I wore sandals to the store, and I saw sundresses galore when I arrived.  Which of these three excites me the most? Sandals, of course! Sandals mean toes on show, which means it’s time to play with all the nail polish colours in the land. Yay!


There are many nail polish brands on the market, so we’re spoilt for choice.  However, it must be said some are better than others, and those some are often more expensive. So when Natio released their Little Treasures mini polishes for only $5.95 each, I was pretty excited.

Natio polishes are great quality and the cheaper price point means we can buy more and switch them around throughout the season.  I’m LOVING the bright red ‘Scarlett’, sorbet ‘Lemon’ and bright Summer-must-have coral ‘Tangerine’.

RRP$5.95, from all Natio stockists.


How Bloom Made Me Love Glitter

In Fun Stuff, Hands, Nails, Party time on March 28, 2012 at 6:00 am

By Tammi Ireland

I’ve never loved glitter.  I wasn’t the girl to wear it on her eyes during high school, I never wear sequined clothing, and I never, ever wore glitter top coats on my nails.  I remember trying once while at a sleepover and then begging my mum to help me remove the ‘tacky’ polish that kept getting caught on my woollen jumper at the time.  It was rough, technicoloured, and felt horrid.  And so I refused to put glitter on my nails again.

However, I’ve since fallen in love with technicoloured photos of our galaxy.  I’ve fallen for a gold glittery Ellery number.  And I adored the glitter hair at last season’s MYER preview.  So, when I was offered Bloom Cosmetics’ Glamorous Sparkle Top Coat in Gold (RRP $19.95) to trial, I thought I’d give it a go.  Thank God, I did.


This glitter top coat is so far from the ones of my Year 8 hey-day that I’ve already re-applied it three times.  A nice gold colour (read: not garish), the key to Bloom’s adult look with the sparkle top coat is in the different sizes of glitter particles.  There are regular, hexagonally-cut glitters and then there are very fine glitter pieces.  The result, when coated over Bloom Nail Polish in Lucy II was astounding.  A gorgeous result that I just kept getting compliments on (11 at last take!)   Read the rest of this entry »

Nail-Strengthening Products

In Hair, Nails on February 16, 2012 at 5:00 am

By Tammi Ireland

After stopping the horrible habit of nail-biting several years ago, I’ve found it difficult to get back the strong, long nails I had before I ever stuck my fingers in my mouth.  Only two products have really made a difference – 


Foltene Nail Treatment can be applied on top of the nail and cuticles to strengthen.  It’s amazing how fast this product worked, with my nails becoming significantly stronger in just two days.  I used it all over the nails on one hand for a week and could see a difference with both length and strength.  Brittle nails?  Add this to your beauty bag.

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Beauty Q&A: Haley Thompson, Organic Beauty eStore Founder

In Beauty Q&A, Food, Nails, Natural, Organic, Uncategorized on February 2, 2012 at 6:00 am

Haley Thompson, 31, owner of Peachy Clean Organic Beauty Boutique

I met Haley last month at the Perth Online Beauty Meet and was instantly struck by her vivaciousness, natural thinking and knowledge about the organic beauty industry.  Upon reading her age when receiving her answers to this interview back, I must say she’s the living and breathing example of what a healthy lifestyle and natural skincare routine can do for your look!  A girl who quipped she ‘preferred champagne to coffee’, I’d say we have a lot in common.  

Introducing, Miss Haley Thompson(and her store, which you must check out!)…

Daytime Beauty Routine: I love my organic beauty products! When I wake I love a morning spritz of face spray like the Savi Passionflower and Pomegranate spray or the delicious Sodashi Calming Rose spray – I keep them in the fridge in summer so that they’re extra refreshing! I’m on a ‘rose’ kick at the moment! Rose is really great for dry skin. I love my Weleda Rose Creamy Body Wash in the shower, my Weleda Rose Body Oil and I’m loving the Vanessa Megan Rose Eye cream too – I also keep it in the fridge, I pop on the eye cream and use the cool base of the metal jar as a compress to help fight morning puffiness. I mainly use the Sodashi range for face care – their clay cleanser is just the best and if you’ve never tried the Sodashi concentrates (liquid exfoliator) you’re seriously missing out! It’s just amazing!

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‘The Beauty Night’ and why you must schedule one

In Acne, Affordable, Anti-Ageing, Arms, Bath, Body Butter, Breakouts, Cleanse, Clinique, Colour, Complexion, Dry Skin, Eco Friendly, Elbows, Exfoliation, Eyebrows, Face, Favourites, Glamour, Hair, Hands, How To, Knees, Legs, Maintenance, Moisturiser, Nails, Natural, Night, Pimples, Preparation, Relaxation, Scent, Shampoo & Conditioner, Shaving, Skin Care, Sun, Tan, Tested, Tools, Treatment, UVB, Wellbeing, Women on November 23, 2011 at 6:00 am

By Tammi Ireland

Ladies, you have to agree with me there is nothing better than feeling sexy, confident and beautiful – just for you.  But how do you get that way if you’ve worked three different deadlines in a row, felt sick from lunch and been told some horrible news?  You schedule it!  Just like your dentist appointment or meeting your superiors, this is important, too.  Once a week is all I ask, and I’ll explain why it’s so great right now…

Tonight was my ‘Beauty Night’.  I try to schedule one a week or – failing that – one a fortnight.  On ‘Beauty Night’ everything gets done. And I mean everything.  Here’s my ‘To Do’ list…


Obviously there’s no way I could (nor should) do all these on a daily basis, so scheduling one night a week to check everything off the list is not only a great idea, but also something to look forward to.  Because you feel AMAZING afterwards.


It’s all in the products you use – ‘Beauty Night’ is not the night to skimp on products. On ‘Beauty Night’ it’s the best of the best.  Here are my must haves, working down the ‘To Do’ list: Read the rest of this entry »

Nail It!

In Nails, New on August 8, 2011 at 6:00 am

By Tammi Ireland

Playing around with nail polish has got to be one of a girls’ favourite pastimes. Bright, dull, matte, metallic, monotone or ombre – there’s a nail style for everyone. Recently, I’ve got on to the Beyoncé ombre nail bandwagon, mixing up colours and having fun with matching different shades.

This was my manicure last week:


My left hand was the direct opposite of this, with more red polish than silver.  I am in love with this shade of OPI, ‘Got the Blues for Red’ (RRP $21).  It’s a blue-toned red that goes on cherry (one coat) and ends up blood red (two coats).  Interspersed with the limited edition Face of Australia Molten Metallics in ‘Titanium’ (RRP$4.95), it looks quite amazing.  The Molten Metallics range is hit or miss, but ‘Titanium’ and ‘White Gold’ are definitely two to snap up before the collection is discontinued this month.

This week, I trialled some new polishes on the market… Read the rest of this entry »

What’s in a bag?

In Affordable, Everyday, Eyes, Face, Nails on May 30, 2011 at 6:00 am

By Tammi Ireland

Our handbags are filled with a plethora of items, most of which come from the beauty cupboard.  These products have become essential additions to my carry-all, and I suggest you go out, stock up, and make them your essentials, too.

We bet Kim K carries a lot of beauty haul.

Innoxa Lovely Lips lipstick in ‘Poppy’ (RRP $14.95):  The ultimate deep red colour, incredibly cheap and with staying power that lets you say,”I’ll have the steak, please”, this red lipstick has become my most coveted colours.  New to the market, the Lovely Lips range come in a long list of decadent shades, each worthy of a spot in your purse.


Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum Pen (RRP $95):  Now the ultimate snake serum comes in a handy pen to keep in your handbag and pump out the good stuff whenever you like.  Cooling silver roller balls help to soothe eyes and reduce puffiness while the serum removes lines and wrinkles.  I love this product!


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Get Whitney Port’s Skin Style

In Celebs, How To, Nails, Skin Care on April 15, 2011 at 6:00 am

By Tammi Ireland

Regular Coveted Canvas readers will know I’m a huge fan of Whitney Port, and with The City Season Two having just been released here in Aus, my obsession with creating her perfect skin, winning smile and ultra-cool looks is bordering on dangerous.  In my search for the dewy skin and rock chic edge, I turned to one of my favourite, more affordable Australian makeup lines – Face of Australia.

That hair! Those nails! That skin!

After priming with their very lightweight Primer (RRP$11.95), I applied a thin layer of their Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation (RRP$15.95) from the inside of my face, out and stopping where it was no longer needed.  So natural was the result that I could stop about an inch and a half from my hairline.  The foundation goes on dewy (especially when applied with your fingers) and lasts all day, with just a dabbing of Translucent Powder (RRP$11.95) needed in the afternoon to remove a little shine from the nose.  Whitney-esque, dewy skin?  I think I’m well on my way!

As for the rock edge, I decided a slick of black polish might do the trick, and when I saw Face of Australia’s Molten Metallics Nail Enamel in Iron Ore (RRP$4.95), I knew it would be the perfect colour.  Not too metallic, not too matte, it’s the perfect night chic colour that carries into daytime.

Just call me Whit.

T x

Precious Nails

In Nails, ORLY on March 8, 2011 at 6:00 am

You know we love their creative director, so it’s inevitable we’d love their new collection!  ORLY Professional Nail Care have released their newest collection ‘Precious’ and the colours are expensive, intriguing and rich.


The colours are inspired by lush fabrics, rare gems and extravagant finishes of centuries gone by.  Some are shimmers, some are jewelled and others are perfect for every day.  As with all their colours, ORLY ‘Precious’ polishes don’t chip for a week when applied with their Top 2 Bottom polish as  – you guessed it – top and bottom coats.

RRP $18.95 each.

We Love Lucy

In Bronzer, Colour, Complexion, Curls, Hair, Illuminator, Lips, Nails on February 11, 2011 at 6:00 am

Trawling fashion and beauty blogs throughout the day is part of my job (isn’t it!?) so I always get a little thrill when I come across a particularly inspiring one.  The latest lady to win blog kudos from me is Lucy Laucht. Her outfits are sleek, classic and fun, plus her filler tan and barrel curls make for one envious beauty editor.


It’s the red nails that set off that tan, plus the sandy, light blonde hair that looks as though it comes naturally but wouldn’t be hard to achieve in the salon.  Here’s how you can get the look…


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