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You’ll want to bookmark this post.  You see, it contains everything you need to know for that next huge, glamourous event in your life.  School formal?  Charity ball?  Wedding?  The tips, tricks, product reviews and industry insider goss you read on this here post will be all you’ll need to look fabulous.  Trust me!


There are three ways you can go with your hair for a formal occasion.  You can choose to go trendy, opt for a casual look and let your dress shine, or go all out and make it a formal up-do.  It does depend on the event as to which type of hair style you use, however we’ve gone and selected the best of the three and we’ll tell you how to do them, too.  (Lucky you!)

Trendy: It’s all about Alexander Wang’s side plait.  Imagine this, will you?  You’re in a long, slinky black gown. Your makeup and skin is golden and just dark enough to come across mysterious, yet fun.  Your shoes are sky-high and you’re feeling a million bucks.  But so is every other girl at this thing, because that outfit I just described can often be ‘cookie-cutter’ (read: everyone does it).  Set yourself apart from the pack with a fashion-forward hair do:

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Salon: WTM Midland

In Colour, Complexion, Dermalogica, Eyebrows, Face, Makeup, Natural, Party time, Salons, Tan, Tested on May 25, 2010 at 9:29 am

WTM Midland presents everything to you at face value.  Take their name for instance.  WTM – standing for Waxing, Tanning and Makeup – is exactly what they do, specialising in all three thrilling trades.  Member of the team, Denise Barfield, explains, “Rather than just do those other things (facials, massages, etc) okay, we decided to do waxing, tanning and makeup really well.”  Kinda seems obvious now you think about it, non?

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How To: Sexy Smouldering Eye

In Brushes, Colour, Eyebrows, Eyes, How To, Lashes, Makeup, Party time on May 5, 2010 at 8:38 am

Master the smokey eye and you’ll master the sex appeal required to win any man with just a wink.  This morning I share with you my step-by-step tutorial on creating the perfect smokey eye.

Step 1: Prime.  Dab primer (or if you don’t have one, moisturiser) around the eye and surface of the lid. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s Hot? Hot Pink Lips!

In Colour, Face, Hair, Lips, Lipstick, Makeup, Party time, Trend on April 17, 2010 at 8:43 am

Last night, I attended the Red Bull Air Race VIP party at the High Flyers Lounge.  There were lots of pretty young things dressed to impress in party frocks and dance-floor socks.  Being the beauty ed that I am, I had a look around the room for a striking beauty look.  Three stuck out:

Beauty Look 1:  One lovely lady with red/orange hair had possibly the best baliage I’ve seen in real life.  Her hair as long and curly, which she later told me was due to extensions, and the the blond dripped seemlessly from her orange roots.  It looked magnificent!  She told me her hair was done at Head Studio in Perth, who I’ll be calling later today to see if I can set up an appointment – hair that fabulous needs to be copied. Read the rest of this entry »

Product of the Day!

In Hair, How To, Party time, Product of the Day, Tested, Tools, Videos on April 9, 2010 at 2:11 pm

It had to happen – ghd hair straighteners have made it on to CC!  For this one, ladies, you need a bit of back story:  My hair is curly (in the way I can’t just wash and leave to dry because I’ll get little frizzies all over the place), thick, long (right down to my the middle of my back) and brown (you didn’t really need that, but now you have a complete picture).  It’s impossible for me to drip-dry my hair, I can’t overuse heating products because it damages my already old long hair and the thickness of my hair means I had to allocate an extra 40 minutes to my straightening routine.  Gross.

The two hair straighteners I had B-ghd were nice and all, but they just didn’t get the job done.  I would leave the house, usually late, with straight hair and then catch myself in a reflection 20 minutes later with wavy, boofy hair.  It just wasn’t working and I had to call those relationships off.  Then I found my love. Read the rest of this entry »

Airbrushed to Perfection

In Colour, Foundation, Heels, Knees, Legs, Makeup, Party time, Tested on March 28, 2010 at 8:11 pm

Last night I headed out to the engagement of a friend of my partner’s.  The dress was cocktail and my dress was black.  I put it on in the afternoon to see where I would be going with my hair and make up, but it turned out it was my legs that needed to be made up, white they were.  So, I decided there was no better time to test out Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs in Deep Glow.

Airbrush Legs claim to make your legs look perfect with one application and last the whole night through but I was skeptical.  How could a (practically) foundation for your legs not rub off during walking, dancing, sitting, etc?  Nonetheless, I hopped into the bathroom and sprayed the colour onto my hand, then rubbed it on my leg.  Learning as I went, I discovered it is easier to spread the colour evenly if you quickly rub the product up and down your leg in sections, as you would a fake tan.

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The Morning After: Face

In Face, Party time, Skin Care on March 27, 2010 at 2:42 pm

Following on from the hair saving post, this comes to you courtesy of too many SGS cocktails at Harry’s bar last night.

Waking up with a hangover is not fun.  Waking up looking like you have a hangover is even worse, particularly when you’re actually feeling pretty okay.  So when your appearance isn’t doing you any justice and you haven’t done any prep before hitting the pillow the night before, follow these tips to look bright-eyed before your morning coffee:

- If you didn’t already do it the night before (naughty!), wash off your makeup with a gentle cleanser and some cotton balls.  Be very careful around your eyes as they’ll already be tender and dry from lack of sleep and alcohol consumption (assuming you were drinking last night).

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The Morning After: Hair

In Hair, Party time on March 27, 2010 at 10:54 am

When you’ve had a big night and can’t be bothered fussing with your cigarette-smelling, lifeless locks, the best hair style to do is one that takes no effort and looks effortless.  Ladies, I suggest to you: the Alexander Wang side plait.

So called because it featured in fashion man-of-the-moment Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer 2010 show, the AW plait is simply to achieve and suits all hair lengths from shoulder-length down.  Here’s how you get it:

- Spray roots with a scented dry shampoo and leave to absorb for a minute.

- Part your hair on the side and move the lengths of your hair to the shoulder opposite your part (see picture above).  You should have a sweepy fringe.

- Loosely plait the lengths of your hair and tie at the base with a band the same colour as your hair.

Tip: If your hair is fine or poker-straight, rub some texturising product into the lengths to create the ragged look.  I recommend Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Texturising Spray.

Now just pop on some baggy clothes and relax with a cup of green tea!

T x

pic: Vogue Australia online

Product of the Day!

In Elbows, Exfoliation, Heels, Knees, Party time, Product of the Day, Skin Care on March 24, 2010 at 4:04 am

Before any big event where I know my skin’s going to be on show, I slather myself in one tried and true Clinique product – Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream.

One little glob (a certified measurement) of this magic rough cream, rubbed in circular motions all over the body and especially on elbows, knees and heels reveals the smoothest, plumpest skin you’ve ever seen.  Tiny granules exfoliate away dead skin cells, while you end with a surprising subtle shimmer when it’s all washed away by the shower.  My container has lasted well over 6 months.  I reeeeaaally recommend it!

RRP: $50.

pic: Clinique online


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